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FSi’s Mad Homicidal Clown From Hell Rampage!

People often describe MHCFHR (otherwise known as Mad Homicidal Clown From Hell Rampage!) as innovative game. And do you know why? It’s 1D (unidimensional) arcade-adventure, that’s why. Quite Dizzy-style, if you want my opinion. And with good dose of infanticide, so do not play it if you’re under 18 or your parents will eat you. But first they will eat ME. With pasta.

About the plot. Hero of MHCFHR is very poor (almost homeless) clown Mikhail Rabinovich. He had a cozy home in sewer system, pet rat, and really enjoyed working in the Roughfield Circus, but one time one stupid badass had wrecked his whole life. And then… Then he sworn to find out WHO it was and make him feel REALLY BAD. And that usually means torturing to death, you know. My style.

Download Mad Homicidal Clown From Hell Rampage!


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