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Mon Cul!

Genre-wise Mon Cul! is superhero-zombie-detective. You are Phil Zuperman, local-scale superhero. One day some jerk in ninja jumpsuit came through your window, stabbed you with a knife ans stole the source of your superhero powers. And then everything is up to you. By the way, there are (despite obscene name and BAD animation) 8 endings, if I recall correctly.

This was my first finished “normal” game. It was made for MAGS July’06: Emerald, and (as usual) I’ve got too small time to beta-test it. So it have A LOT of bugs, but (Good news, everyone!) I’m currently working on Mon Cul! Deluxe. It would have better graphics, lesser bugs and typos and it would be completable on the hardest difficulty setting (this one is not). Also I’ll try to fix some plot holes (there are some) etc.

The version you’re about to download is MAGS one, therefore don’t afraid if it will crash, or you reach a dead-end. Just e-mail me (e-mail is in readme) and tell what bug it is.
Although it may be already fixed in deluxe version, you’ll get my thanks!

Download Mon Cul!


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