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RON: Sixteen

A Reality-on-the-Norm game. Also a MAGS game (MAGS Sep’06: Retroparanoia!). You’re Mika Huy and you came to a small island in Barents Sea in search for some shocking material for The Realiser. Only if that would be THAT simple…

Features some (completely redrawn) RON characters (Mika and Yahtzee), total amount of 16 colours in palette, 16 absolutely insane items and probably worst puzzle in the history of 2D Adventure games. Really. I had to put walkthrough with it.

There was a rule about killing hero in the end, but that wasn’t necessary, so Mika’s alive and well. 🙂

Don’t download it if you’re Captain Mostly. Warned you! Well, actually, do download it anyway.

Download RON: Sixteen


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