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Voodoo Dave and the Tablecloth Mystery

Another MAGS game of mine… I think, it’s rather good. If you’re still hesitating, let me tell you that it’s a “The Seventh Guest” rip-off. Yes, with haunted house, stupid mazes’n’puzzles’n’stuff no way related to the plot etc…

Voodoo Dave and the Tablecloth Mystery is quite weird game too. Well, it’s certainly QUEST, after all, unlike that particular vacuum cleaner “game” :). It was made for MAGS October: Haunted House. And at least I am happy with it.

You are playing as the Voodoo Dave the voodoo doll. You have invited your girlfriend to some cafeteria, but – what a coincidence! – they ran out of tableclothes right before you two came in. And no tablecloth means no magic. And no magic means your girlfriend went mad and sent you to hell to an urgent meet with the Devil. Mwa ha ha ha.

And you’ll certainly like its hero, I promise.

Download Voodoo Dave and the Tablecloth Mystery


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