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I *LOVE* My Town

Sometimes it could be so beautiful…
Sometimes it looks like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. screenshot.

Decide for yourself, just click “read more”

Abandoned house. It’s located on the street where I live.

Twenty years ago it was the Third Cafeteria. Don’t ask me why was it called “Third”, it’s just a soviet naming convention. Possibly to confuse enemy spies. Once it was one of the county’s best, now it’s pretty much junkies hideout.

Close-up of its entry.

Boarded entry doesn’t stop junkies from entering it, they just use windows (or back door).

Another shot of the entry.

Now, this is one of a few monuments of that kind that are left in my town (I do live in Russia). This one is even looked after.

Junkyard down the street.

Another shot. Notice the funny-sized bath. I used to be washed in the same one when I was much younger.

Pipes. Used to be central heating ones, now just pieces of junk.

Pool of green goo. Notice the lucky product placement (no, I’m not getting paid for these, how could you even think of it!)

Hope you’ll like my town too 🙂


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