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Red Dwarf fan-game

It all come down so instant… But everyone seem to be obsessed with making fan-games out of this or that.

That’s not a reason in making such an utterly crap as I did. Nay, what the hell, I’ll show it to you anyway.

Download Red Dwarf fan-spoof here. Don’t forget your puking bag, it’s rather disgusting.

Oh, you’ll need some inform interpreter to play, I’d recommend getting some flavour of Frotz from here.

Anyway, in this rather short and stupid piece of interactive fiction your only goal is to kill everybody aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. Frankly, watching the series isn’t the required thing.


2 Responses to “Red Dwarf fan-game”

  1. My demo is better :P…

  2. Well, I had a different point in making a game 🙂

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