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New PC, new site, old me…

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HA-ha, I have a laptop now!

Just bought one yesterday, a Samsung R20. Ye-ye, chinese crap, I know… But it was one of the cheapestmost affordable ones among the smallest. And I want my laptop small, because it’s a fucking LAP TOP, and it’s intended to be small and light, not some 17″ monster with GeForce8800 (19″? You’re scaring the crap out of me).

(more rant follows)

It had Vista Basic preinstalled, with (obviously patented, XD) Samsung Recovery Solution on board. If you don’t know what that means, tie yourself to the chair. OK. So, most of things that Samsung Recovery does are:
– eating up (roughly) 60% of HDD space
– for backing up your windows™ partition if you ever decide to.
– in addition to “backup” partition that takes 50% of disk space it eats ~10GB for backing up Windows™. Did I mention that Vista wants (roughly) 6GB of space? And that’s Vista Basic. Judging by the manual (which says I could upgrade to Vista Ultimate anytime – I just need to buy a license (no thanks)), it takes as much as Vista Ultimate do…

So, my solution to all the problems were:

  1. Ta-ta, Samsung Recovery Solution II The Judgment Day, you knew too much
  2. Hello, Mandriva Free 2007 (actually I’ll install Debian once I’ll acquire it)

Works like a charm, with only problem of absence of videoadapter’s drivers for Mandriva, hence using fbdev, hence (because my laptop is widescreen, ugh) somewhat stretched image, but that’s I can live with. At least it’s better than not-to-mention-it-another-time that knows the trick of spontaneosly hanging without reason. Good trick, but not the one I like.

P.S. I mean, even if they were supplying each copy of Vista with a complimentary blowjob, I’d thought twice before going for it, 😛


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