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Bokziboodl 01

And here is the first episode of the long-awaited Bokziboodl series. In this episode we’ll know Bokziboodl’s favourite pie flavour!

01. Bokziboodl at a Pie Store

01. Bokziboodl at a Pie Store


4 Responses to “Bokziboodl 01”

  1. I think the scenario of this comic is highely unlikely. How big is the chance there’s exactly one pie left? Especially in these times of economic crisis there should always be enough stock. You just can’t miss those profits. Furthermore, I think mister Lungington needs to expand his business to more than just pies. You know, to batteries ‘n shit.

    And I always thought Bokziboodl’s favorite pie would be carrot. You know, refering to comic 10. Anyway, keep them coming please! 😀

  2. The thing is, he lies about his favourite pie in the comic 10, to get the bobby pin later in the comic 11. But he really favours pineapple&peach one.


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