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Site moved

August 26, 2009

Site moved to http://sillyflu.com , update your bookmarks or somethings. It’s still in the polishing stage, though. Advertisements

A quick post

June 1, 2009

Fixed my site engine and design. Links to files have changed so i changed the links in the AGS games database. Most should work, let me know if any of them is broken.

Just to celebrate mah comeback

April 22, 2009

i haved changeded the theme to be more emo (huh) and the subtitle to be less emo (yeah) probably there’ll be a new hourgame this evening to continue with the celebration, but i don’t know for sure

Fuck yeah.

April 20, 2009

Finally home again. Ordered some movies to celebrate and recently printed (unofficially and in Russian) NHK manga.

To all worriers (both of you)

April 17, 2009

Worry not: I am alive and well. Maybe bored to death, since there’s not a lot of things to do at the hospital. Hopefully I’ll be home at Monday.


March 29, 2009

Sorry for the lack of any activity lately, it is all due to me lying in the psychiatric ward (instead of cozy bed at home). And it is kind of sad that they didn’t allow me to bring my laptop, though my phone is powerful enough to be some sort of compensation. Alas, it doesn’t […]

Some important announcements

February 22, 2009

For those demanding an RSS feed: there already happen to be one. For those demanding an update: there will be one tomorrow, hopefully. For those demanding their comments approved by moderation team: you wait till tomorrow too, except the one who claimed that this blogue is great. It is not, and your comment will be […]

I think it’s time to make a post… again

February 19, 2009

From the depths of whatever I was dwelling in emerged I have to post two lines of crap and bullshit in a blog of mine. Here you go, a little red riding hood. No I did not use Ana-chan as reference. Also, in case you were wondering, I am certainly not in the process of […]

Oh wow, first post in the year 2009 AD

January 1, 2009

Just to think of it. Nah, I’d rather don’t think of it, I have too much alcohol in me to think of it without pain. Speaking of drugs, I watched Angel’s Egg today. It was pretty cool, though there was a lot of things I didn’t understand – that means the movie was cool and […]

Happy New Year. And stuff.

January 1, 2009

It’s 10 minutes left for the good ol’ two thousand eighth, then a brand new one will start. Meanwhile, take this Tsukasa I drawn painted over a screencap: